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  1. That is basically porn to me, beautiful truck!
  2. (edit) Oops I forgot my specs. -1994 Pathfinder SE -VG30E with original manual transmission 218K, only my second clutch and it still grabs great -Way too much desert time in southern California, front end is all sorts of mushy I've got 218,000 miles (round abouts there anyways) on my pathy and the engine is strong as ever. Most guys can attest that this motor never stops until you have to replace a sensor or a relay. Learn how to swap those out early on and the thing will run forever. I have been flogging the living hell out of mine for 5 years and my dad did the same 14 years before that, we love the sound it makes with a flowmaster at around 5500 rpms and I hit that almost every day. Ignoring that minor issue of exhaust bolts (worst recall BS EVER) the wd21 is the most reliable car I've ever seen.
  3. Hey I recognize those crazy shenanigans! I had this happen not once but twice to me! For me it turned out to be a bad hall effect sensor in the distributor, best fix is a whole new one. Also before you install the new one check the useless ground on the front. I replace my distributor and it fixed this issue but the lead for the ground was weak and snapped off and the sensor burned out again 2 months down the road. This can have some pretty odd side effects if you continue to drive it for a while(dies while doing 50 on the way home from work for instance.)
  4. When you have to tell your friends not to touch the handles till your truck has decided if they're locked or not...For several minutes. (damn that lock timer!)

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