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  1. Cant find any problems except for the thermostat sticking open. I installed a new one, another brand, today. Will use the car tomorrow
  2. I have a problem with low engine temperature in my '88 terrano. A few weeks ago, I installed a new thermostat and it worked fine. Until recently. The needle hardly move now, especially when I turn the heat on. I changed the thermostat because of to hot engine. But can this be a faulty thermostat again?
  3. Hi, I will replace the muffler in my -88 Terrano. I must cut the pipe to be able to remove it. Seems difficult otherwise. But, how can I fit the new muffler, the bend makes it hard to fit. Any suggestions ?
  4. MIG welded on a bearing race for my strut rod on right side
  5. Thanks , that was useful! They are the same. The dimension Da=55,9 mm (2.24 in) on both races.
  6. I am going to fix my struts and I have a question. I am going to weld on bearing races. Searching the forum, I found that 2 types of races being used, LM67010 and L68111. Are there any differences between the races? I have the L68111 race. Thanks, Jörgen
  7. Update: The clutch works fine after the adjustment
  8. Thanks for the reply The clutch pedal had no freeplay at all so I did some adjustment. Actually I had to release the pressure a lot and the test drive went well I will take the car for a longer ride and test it. The slip seems to be worse, when the engine and transmission are hot.
  9. I have an issue with my terrano-88. The cluch is slippning (correct word??) when accelerating. The cluch is new(4 weeks) and I had it changed when the cluch started to slip while driving. Does this car have a dual mass flywheel or is it solid? Any ideas of the problem? Thanks, Jörgen
  10. You can take a look in this tread: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/32546-how-to-replace-strut-rod-bushings/page-2
  11. Thanks a lot RedPath88
  12. A few days ago, I felt a bump under my car The mount for the strut rod is bent. How should I fix it? just bang it, take one from the donator and weld new cups etc?
  13. This trout broke my rod
  14. Thats great . I never had a 4x4 before and a friend gave me his terrano-88 a years ago. To much work to sell it

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