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    2000 Black fully loaded LE. Green 1992 automatic with pl pw sunroof sport/touring suspension settings and the power shift mode right now. Before I had the samething but it was blue and from 94.
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    Nova Scotia, Canada
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Sport shooting, off roading, fishing, camping... pretty much anything outdoors.
  1. Nothing like having to do wrench work in -9

  2. Hey guys, my 00' has a 3.5 not the more common 3.3. And my alternater shut the bed. I was wondering if an alternater for the 3.3 would fit the 3.5 Thanks
  3. joshboy22

    Cabin heat fan problem

    Have you been able to fix it? If so how?
  4. joshboy22

    Cabin heat fan problem

    A few months ago the fan for my A/C & heat randomly went to full speed (no matter what you selected on the controls) even if you turned the system off. And now it's turned itself to the lowest speed. The heat and A/C still work. Anyone else have this problem?
  5. joshboy22

    Trailer towing

    Thanks guys. I was told that it was a bad idea to tow while in over drive.... something about being to hard for the transmission (mine's an automatic).
  6. joshboy22

    Trailer towing

    The family and I are planning to move across Canada this summer,(5300km) I've never hauled a trailer with my path. Just wondering if anyone knows the max towing weight for a 2000 3.5l Thanks
  7. joshboy22

    trailer hitch

    I'm looking to put a trailer hitch on my 01 pathfinder. Anyone put one on? Or know good brand? I was thinking about just getting a hidden hitch but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks
  8. can't wait for the camping season/finding new trails!

  9. joshboy22

    Power Windows Slowing Down

    I live in northern Alberta and it's currently -25c° and my window did get stuck down. After I read this topic I got myself a can of liquid wrench for the window grooves. But first I ran an entire can of break clean in all the grooves. Followed by the liquid wrench. So far it's like night and day. Hope this helps.
  10. joshboy22

    chips anyone?

    Thought so. Thanks guys :-)
  11. joshboy22

    chips anyone?

    I have a friend who likes to think he is a mechanic (he just quotes info off the web) and he was saying that there are chips out there that are plug and play for the R50.and so far I can't find any.have any of you? And is it worth it? Thanks
  12. I see you have a basket on your roof. I mounted my license plate up on mine. Just a thought.
  13. straight pipe with turn downs!

  14. I know that the 2000 model pathfinder had the option of a diesel engine (a 3.3 turbo and a 3.5 turbo) and was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to swap out my 3.5 gas to one of the diesels? Any insight would be great. Thanks
  15. had a awesome long weekend out in the pathfinder.

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