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  1. Couldn't seem to find any info on this, wondering what auto trans will swap? I have a 97 auto trying to swap in a 99
  2. Ok so I pulled the heads from another pathfinder but am unsure of the year but I'm pretty sure it was in the 90-95. I've already installed them and just found that the way the distributor mounting is a little different. I can make a little bracket to make it work but I want to know if I might be missing a bracket from the donor or if I might be missing a bracket from the donor or if that distributor from the donor would work on my 93
  3. i got it to work by ovaling the holes on the strut and adjust and tighten the bolts my self, as far as the alignment it was just a quick tow n go. you are right about the CVs they absolutly hate me and have broking 2 since lifting it a while ago. so straight axle here i come!!
  4. and thanks I love the color too
  5. idk ill try it but I think since is poured in to a die to be made I don't think it will bend like PVC or ABS I honestly don't see it at all, but at night when I go under a street light I am reminded that its there by its freaky shadow that looks like its going to hit me while Im driving lol
  6. so ended up getting a snorkel that was off of a second gen toyota truck cause the contour look about the same as the R50 body and heres how it came out, it leans in a little bit but does not effect visabilty.
  7. should make an adapter to toyota so the SAS world would be that much easier
  8. im so down, how much we looking to spend
  9. great thank you, is it just the safety switch that needs to be wired? obviously the reverse switch and what else?
  10. I have read that online book that shows you how to do it but I don't understand it. I have the neutral safety switch off the auto and im looking for a plug that has big black and red wires but can find it. I cut the wires the lead in to the trans oil pan and that's all that's cut so I could remove the trans.
  11. how you guys build em, kinda hard with the unibody
  12. very easy the fronts for example 1.take the wedge pin out of the part that prevents the door from opening to much. 2.with a buddy unbolt 2 bolts per hinge on the door part starting at the bottom. 3.remove door and feed wiring harness out of piller intell you get to the plug and unplug. note: make sure you unlock doors before removing other wise when you go to open the rear hatch the alarm will go off. when you do this your rear window loose complete funcionality. so i just took the rears off Not sure about other states but cali requires 2 mirrors. I just ran all 3 to make it look even i ran in to some street bike mirrors for 15$ and there carbon fiber so i gained atleast 15 horespower.........minimum All that being said i acually gained power to the wheels and gas milage. Going to bakersfield i got 17-19MPG towing a 17' trailer on stock size wheels
  13. Most of the pictures are on Old HWY 32 which is present humbolt road in chico. Clay pits is alotta mud, they have that rock I had bad camber issues when i finished this about 4-5 deg positive on each side but i slotted the strut holes and worked great.
  14. So close to flopping headed up to the highlakes No Doors My Fav

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