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  1. gr8xr7

    95 Pathy idle problem

    Thank you for your help. Indeed the fuel rail was't seated properly, (so a vacuum leak on one of the injectors). After redoing it, my Pathy runs perfectly.
  2. The fuel rail on the passenger side cracked, so, on the passenger side, I replaced the fuel rail, o-rings, spark plugs, and injectors, and the connecting hose across the front. Now it idles around 1500rpm then, after about 10 minutes, it revs up-then drops, then up, then-drops. What am I missing? Thanks in advance
  3. My Pathfinder is a '95. Do I have Black Dot or Blue Dot? Does anyone know where I can get one?
  4. gr8xr7

    Cruise Control not working

    Replaced the steering wheel and it works great now. The metal circles on the back of the steering wheel were all indented at contact points. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  5. My trouble was like yours. In my case, is was a rusty heat-shield, which broke off of my exhaust manifold. When the 4-wheel drive was engaged, it was wedged in in the axle and would make a terrible noise. My 2 cents.
  6. gr8xr7


    Thanks guys. I'll take the wheel off and clean the contacts and rings. As to the starting, it doesn't always happen but I turn the key to start and nothing, (the lights come on and everything, but nothing,,,no clicking, nothing). If I turn the key back to off then start a few times, it works.
  7. My keys to my vehicles were stolen so I had all my ignition cylinders changed and re-keyed. Now occasionally the truck doesn't start, I have to turn the key on and off several times then it works. I had a new starter put in before the theft, so it is not the starter. The cruise then started to work intermittantly, then pretty much stopped. Here is where it gets interesting. If I turn the wheel clockwise to around 5-6 O'clock, the cruise comes on every time. Is it possible that when the dealer put in the new ignition cylinder they routed the wires wrong and they are opening the connecter on one side?
  8. gr8xr7

    Cruise Control not working

    The horn always works, it's the set button on the steering wheel, I'm talking about. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
  9. gr8xr7

    Cruise Control not working

    Horn works fine. I'll check the vacumn hose and keep you posted.
  10. Hoping for some help. So far you guys are batting a thousand on all my fixes. My cruise no longer engages. The stopper on the brake pedal is there and the light comes on when I push the on switch. Before it completely stopped working, I had to press the engage button on the steering wheel many times, (then it would work). Now no matter how many times I press it the cruise doesn't engage? Could it be the relay? Any suggestions?
  11. gr8xr7

    Driving lights 1995 SE

    You guys are amazing, especially Alkorahil. I checked off the positive post and found the fuse holder. Indeed a blown fuse and now the lights work perfectly. Also, read a previous post obout the little plastic buttons that break on the brake peddle, Found that one and replaced it, and now my cruise control works again. You guys know more than the mechanics at the local Nissan dealer. Thanks again.,
  12. gr8xr7

    Driving lights 1995 SE

    Hey thanks. I'll check it out.
  13. gr8xr7

    Driving lights 1995 SE

    Ya, I checked the bulbs. When I put voltage to them they work. The fog lights in the bumper go back to a switch in the center console. It sure looks factory. My Pathy has just about every option, that's why I thought it was factory. When the dash lights are on there is an amber light in the switch that lights up until you turn it on. I just can't find the circuit to see where the fuse is.
  14. gr8xr7

    Driving lights 1995 SE

    BTW my PM is: gr8xr7@kos.net
  15. gr8xr7

    Driving lights 1995 SE

    Can anyone tell me why my driving lights in the front bumper won't work? I have power and when I run voltage directly to them they work. The switch in the console just won't turn them on. I can't find a fuse for them and there is no reference to them in the Chilton's Motor manual. BTW thanks for the info. on the oil sending unit location. You guys are the greatest.

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