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  1. I ordered headers for mine online, then grabbed a magnaflow cat and muffler. I took it to a shop and had them just fab up new pipes to replace everything.
  2. I'm curious how you determined which wires ran from where on the MS board to each pin on the ecu connector. Were there instructions for that with the megasquirt? Amazing build!
  3. Fluid is at proper level and I changed it recently. I've tried toggling the overdrive switch on and off when it sticks to no avail. I've had the battery in and out a couple of times when welding and such so I would think that would've cleared any memory. Thanks for the suggestions though!
  4. So, sometimes while driving my pathfinder (auto) the transmission will hold a gear until I turn the truck off then turn it back on. After that it'll be normal as long as I'm driving it. I thought for sure my transmission was toast, but now I'm starting to suspect the TPS or transmission computer? Do these rigs have a separate ecu for the transmission? Does this sound like an issue anyone else has had? Thanks!
  5. The body lift wasn't complicated, just some elbow grease required for the steering shaft and making sure you don't snap any bolts off. In other news, I have my exhaust on and I couldn't be happier. The only difference at idle is tone not volume, but when you're in the throttle it sounds rowdy! I'll get a YouTube clip up asap for you guys.
  6. Nice!! that should be everything I need, I'll let you know how it goes!
  7. I'm thinking about picking up a remote starter before winter sets in, has anyone installed one of these themselves? I wouldn't think it would be overly complicated but I've been wrong before.
  8. This thread has perfect timing, I just managed to shear mine off the other day!
  9. The exhaust on pathfinders is pretty simple really, it's a bunch of pretty straight pipes with the only bendy section from the muffler over the axle. My local shops quoted me less than $100 to bend a 2-1/4" pipe. That combined with a magnaflow cat and muffler from ebay I'm in for less than $300. On a side note, new rad in, and my wires from 4x4parts showed up so I can get those in tonight!
  10. This one shows the lift a bit better because of the lighting,
  11. So I have my body lift on, and I didn't think to rotate the upper rad hose, so it put pressure on the plastic inlet there. Pressure + plastic = broken inlet, has anyone repaired this with any luck or should I just order a new rad?

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