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    I have a 1995 Pathfinder with over 3k invested in the engine about 1k in performance, new water pump, radiator, timming belt, steering, shocks, JGC rear springs, rims, major tune-up, auto tranny, alternator, 2 inch lift, 2 1/2in pipe, FlowMaster 40 Series exhaust(nice chrome tip welded on), 31x10.5x15 BFG A/T, external tranny cooler, new TP sensor, Pioneer 240w deck, (4) 5x7 Infinity speakers, new mounted tweeters, (1) 12" Infinity sub and (1) 1,200w Rockford Fostgate amp, cool air intake, new 5 speed auto transmission.
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    Serious Off Road Enthusiast
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    Prescott Valley AZ
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    OFF-ROADING!!!!!!!!<br>X-Box, PS2 (ONLINE)<br>HANGING OUT<br>FIXING PATHFINDERS<br>N.P.O.R.A.!<br>part of a local group<br>X-Rated Customs
  1. i just ran it off my flo 40s over the rear axel and out the back a total of about 3 feet and yes it took alot of bending to get it in there.
  2. well i did it i got 3 in pipe from the muffler out the back and my Pathfinder has a deep smooth rumble sounds sweet!! cant wait to hear what it will sound like with the pacesetter headers im getting!!
  3. My old t bars are now officialy shot from 4x4ing too much and i would like to know how to go aboutgetting new ones and installing tham? any help would be good :gossip:
  4. Hey i got 2 1\2 in piping all the way back from the manifolds out. I got a high flow cat and a 40 Flowwmaster Muffler. I dnt realy like the sound of it and i kinda want it to be more rumbly. would running 3 in piping from the muffler out the back improve the exhaust note?
  5. well sometimes the manifold bolt just losen up try to tighten them down a little not too hard though!!
  6. How mutch did u wind up payn for the thorleys?? :contract:
  7. Check your Meter fuze mine did that too except that all the guages died and it was just the fuze!
  8. Howdo you adjust MAF sensor??!! :secret:
  9. Mainfold leak does ur truck make like a tapping noize??? when u gas it?? :idea:
  10. yea mine has them front and rear!!?? so idont know
  11. I switched to 5w30 Valoline and its running great!! I was running 10w40 Valvoline but it started to make that dry lifter sound at startup
  12. What kind of grease does it take?? how do you grease the front and rear drive shafts?
  13. Yea better get it done man!! studs break.
  15. What kind of knock?? pathfinders are well known for there exhaust manifold leaks that cause a kind of knocking noize.

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