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  1. Replaced the Plugs/wires this weekend with Bosch and she is purring like a kitten again! GREAT increase in power and getup!
  2. Well do I have this beloved spark plug tool in the vehicle somewhere? Sorry for the ignorance, I just saw that air cleaner and instantly thought Carbourated.
  3. Just looking for some help on where to obtain spark plug wires and plugs for my 88 v6. Local vendor preferred. Also what gap are we putting the plugs on the 88s? Thanks in advance guys!
  4. Also....I noticed there was a large intake on the writeup on Nissan4wheelers.com. My oldie has a carbourator and air cleaner. Will my change be a bit easier being I can pull the top of the motor off a bit simpler? Just looking for some specific help with the 88 model year...
  5. Is the 88 v6 just as difficult? I am facing this repair in the next couple days.... :help:
  6. Yeah it is getting worse now and more severe. What plugs/wires do you guys recommend for my 88 pathy? Something that we can get at a local parts store if at all possible. Autozone/O'reillys/Pars America. Thanks for all your help guys!
  7. Well I cleaned the MAF filament and it helped it out a bit, but now I still am getting misses both at idle and under driving conditions. I probably will change fuel filter, plugs and wires in the next week or so and see if that clears it up..... Which plugs/wires do you guys recommend? Any tricks to doing this repair?
  8. I too found Jim's site on a google, saw the link for the board there and haven't looked back! Shoot my "favorites" in my web browser has about 10 different forum boards of which I am a member and this forum has been a great help to a new Pathy owner!
  9. Looks like I am going to try and solve my sputtering problem with this fix first! sly
  10. Mine sputters a bit when under "load" from the ac or when the car is in gear. Idling it seems fine, but when it has to work, it seems down on power all around. I guess I might need to change the header/exhaust problem and see if that gives me a few more horses, because even before this problem, the Pathy seemed gutless all around. Like I mean....it will constantly downshift when trying to use the cruise control.... I have the carbourated V6 (oldie)
  11. My wife and I both have noticed that occassionally there will be a "miss" in the motor when we come up to stoplights/stopsigns and the truck has been purring like a kitten since ownership. I recently put in some "fuel system cleaner" on my last fillup included with the gas. could that have some bearing on the occassional miss? It doesn't do it all the time, or when I am at steady highway speeds. Just stops.. :help:
  12. Thanks guys, I'll check both....that might have been "checked" by the oil change place and pencil whipped... -argue-
  13. In my short ownership of the 88, I have noticed a couple things... 1) my mileage is consistently 14-15 no matter what...(I try and shoot for just over 220 miles per tank) 2) the V6 is extremely underpowered when trying to maintain Cruise control on the freeway. It is downshifting constantly. Should I try to pep it up a bit with MAF cleaning and plugs/wires? I have no idea of previous ownership maintenance...
  14. But my brake fluid checked out full at my last oil change...Any ideas?
  15. MidTex01GT

    Clunk Noise

    Mine clunks when I turn sharply backing out of the driveway or pulling out...it is not tranny related to my knowledge...are those tie rod ends the culprit?

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