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Run wires from roof - 97 Terrano/Pathfinder


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I want to install two 20" light bars on either side of my 97 Terrano/Pathfinder for convenience lighting while camping. I don't want to drill holes in the roof or a pillar, so I was thinking of just running the wires down the side of the windscreen into the engine bay and using a length of cheap rubber floor wire concealer from Temu to hide them, e.g. https://www.temu.com/goods.html?goods_id=601099569483851
I know there is a proper product for that but it costs a bomb. Before I go ahead, I was wondering if the existing moulding that runs down the edge of the windscreen against the A pillar is removeable and wires possibly hidden beneath it (see yellow highlight in attached photo). It seems as if it could be pried off. Cheers!

Screenshot 2024-07-01 193747.jpg

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