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Suspension lift

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Hi. I'm new hear so hopefully I'm doin this right. Anyway iv almost have completed my suspension on my 2006 pathfinder LE 4x4..my question is do I need to worry about putting stress on my CV axels when I install my 2inch strut and rear spring spacers..I have the Rancho 9000xl quick lift ajustable frunt struts and rear shocks that gave me a little bit of lift but I'm looking to do 2ich lift to achieve the look Im wanting i also have replaced upper and lower control arms with i think ksp with ajustable balljoint for the upper Aarms plus almost all suspension replaced. Can anybody help me with my question.  Will I need a drop down or whatever it's called for my cv axels I'm think I may put stress on them or not . Any advice will be helpful 

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I'm hanging in the same situation 🙂 I just sold my stock Xterra and bought a 2012 Pathy. I fund a youtube video from a chech guy, he took an 8.5 min music video pack'd with lot of info what you nee for 2 different lifts! Just look it up, it's pretty straight forward. 😊



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