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IAC valve motor is buzzing with key/on position.


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Hey guy first time user of a Pathfinder forum.  But i bought this pathfinder 1996  replaced a bunch of really nasty stuff. Was getting a single misfire randomly while driving (no rough idle) on code reader or pretty soon after starting and sitting for a minute same misfire at 6 and then a rough idle . So i replaced a ton of 25 year old parts. Fuel reg, fuel filter, injectors, exhaust sensors, check valve thing, new gasks everywhere.  scrubbed intake and throttle body out because there was black fuel smelling stuff in there,  replaced all the nasty hoses that were in intake and attached to it elsewhere.   Its all clean now! I get it assembled with no injectors leaking and …

suddenly, first time this has happened, the IAC valve motor is buzzing at key at ON position! Oh no truck sounds ..different.. when running and i swear i saw smoke.  So i got 2 other IAC valves from scrap yard and one from ebay both are buzzing just as loud.   i don't think the original IAC failed. i thought maybe i hurt the wires near the end by the connector, I don’t think so. Does this sound like i burned the ecu? Theres power enough to make buzz so probably not the fuse. Maybe i should re-pin the larger harness connector with new wiring. (Scared to break old plastic).  Any way any input would be so great or i gotta tow it to a mech if i’m to dumb to figure it out later 😜 or maybe i need to reset something.   the buzz sounds a motor of a fan just stopped spinning and is just humming and broken  

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