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New guy here, looking for a good one


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Hey yal! 

I don't have a Nissan pathfinder yet. I'm actually trying to get rid of a 3rd gen Tacoma that I stupidly bought when i was new to the army and didn't care about the payments because I had a steady paycheck. now I'm getting out and need something that isn't going to make me donate blood to keep.

And since everybody and their brother with a used 4x4 thinks a 1990 Tacoma with 400k miles is still worth 15 grand, I'm turning to the lesser appreciated classics. 

I just hope I can find a nice ride that I can take just about anywhere and will stay with me until the wheels fall off, and then some


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Good morning. New to the forum. Not sure if this is where members post this but I own a 1990 pathfinder se. v6 4x4. I brought it for my son to drive and ran good for about 4 years then I think he blew a head gasket. Any how it’s been sitting for about 4 months now. It’s in really great shape. I hate to send it to the scrape yard. Thought maybe someone on this forum could bring it back to life. 

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