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91 auto wd21 to 03 vg34ett 5 speed trans swap

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hello all my nissan junkies! i am doing a vg34ett swap! if you are not familiar with this build then here it is straight forward, the vg34 is a cross breed between a vh45/vk45 and a vg33. by doing a certain bore you can use the pistons in these vg33s! so, here is the beginning of my thread, i will be doing a full video of the swap on youtube and you can follow me at Super_sketchy_time on youtube for that coming soon. otherwise ill just start here for questions and some answers! i recently picked up a low miles xterra 3.3l vge for free, and i pulled the crank pistons and rods made sure the heads were backed off a hair so i could pull the pistons effortlessly. i pulled these so i could check clearance between the crank and main caps as well as check the cylinder walls for any excessive damage. i then pulled the cams because i will be using some old 80s model z31 cams.  next i pulled my donor parts from my q45 engine, after doing so i found that stainless rb26det turbo manifolds can be fitted with some fabrication to a vg engine so i will be taking any questions on that. i decided to go with some of the nissan quest parts for accessories as i do use heavy sound equipment in my vehicles. going for power i am using a nissan quest alternator with quest accessory mounts. i  bought some fairly cheap gasket kits to do this swap ad ended up having to buy a few gaskets individually because ebay gaskets can be iffeee sometimes. my 91 came stock with a auto trans wich i will now be replacing with a 5 speed 2003 exterra trans! yes i know 5th has a diffrent gear but i like it better than the original beater 5 speeds! i first had to install the pedal assembly from auto to manual in this process you will need a donor clutch pedal with assembly mount. a manual brake pedal, and donor clutch lines from any d21 or wd21 from 86.5 to 1995. i bought a new master and slave cylinder because my older ones that sat for years waiting for this day had seized up and died lol.  for cluth i chose a stage 3 sprung 6 puck disc and stage 3 pressure plate since i am doing a twin turbo swap i felt i need the extra grab and i know ill burn the oem clutch right out! i also decided to use the 80s 2 door pathy/d21 vg30 valve covers so i could rid of those stupid oil travel lines in the front of the engine on top of the timing covers. for turbos i decided to go with 2 garret rb26dett stockies i found rebuilt. and bear wit me here i still have a move happening so itll be a few more weeks till i can hit the machine shop for heads and cylinder wall work. any questions or advice would be greatly appreciated! -Keeyinn89pathfinder

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