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Suspension lifting suggestions


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I just purchased a 2005 Pathfinder which had a broken rear spring. Since I need to replace this spring I figured it would be a good time to do a minor lift to the vehicle. I am only looking for a small lift approx 2" as I don't want to run into any bigger potential issues. I don't do any towing but do go camping/hunting a few times a year and can have the truck loaded with a few hundred lbs.


I'm leaning towards a full Old Man Emu setup but open to suggestions.


Front Strut - OME (OME90003) 

Front Coil - OME (Med 2607 or HD2608)

Rear Shock - Old Man Emu NitroCharger Sport Shock - Old Man Emu #60016

Rear Spring - OME (Med2609 or HD2610)




Front Strut - Rancho Quick Lift Front Shocks

Rear Shock - Old Man Emu NitroCharger Sport Shock - Old Man Emu #60016

Rear Spring - OME (Med2609 or HD2610)



1. If i want no rake and a level look to the vehicle will I need any spacers for either setup?

(on my Qx4 i needed a spacer in the front but it sounds like most people have said with the R51 they have used spacers in the rear to level the look)


2. I'm leaning towards Medium springs on all 4 corners since i don't tow and this will be my daily driver. Would 2 Med springs and 2 HD springs make the vehicle look more level?


3. Will I need Camber adjustment bolts?


4. Should I also put in a Airlift1000? Yes or No?


5. I'm going to order new strut/shock bolts, any other parts recommended replacing? (Strut bearings, strut mount)?


6. I see Old Man Emu has a spring fitting kit (Old Man Emu SMP638) anyone know what this is/does?









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The R51 front suspension is a completely different animal in comparison to the R50 platform. The R51 utilizes upper & lower control arms with coilover shocks, therefore there aren't any mounts or bearings on top, like the qx4 had. Also, IIRC, the Rancho quick lift units are complete wwith springs (hence the quick lift theory). You'd be better off with Bilstien 5100's and your choice of springs.


Check out Prgproducts.com, Greg has some great packages and is very knowledgeable. I dealt with him quite a bit when I had my Titan and won't hesitate to deal with him if I end up with an R51 or Armada in the future.

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