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2011-2012 used PF search and advice


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Finally my 1999.5 PF SE has been put on life support :(


I am looking for a new Nissan SUV. Specifically a 2011 or 2012 PF. Did a lot of searches on kbb, edmunds, and various dealer web sites.


Narrowed my search down to two (for now), and I have a question.


Both PFs are from the same local Nissan dealer.


2012 PF SV - 45K miles - $15500

2012 PF Silver Edition 4WD CPO - 72K miles - $16500


The Silver Edition is more money, but not really, because the fineprint says the price is only $15500 if you finance through them, if you pay cash (I will be paying cash) the price is $1500 more, which puts the price up to $17000.


So my specific questions are:


(1) If it's the same dealer, is there any reason they didn't put the lower mile PF through the CPO process? Does it necessarily mean the SV has some issues that failed the CPO test that the dealer felt is not cost effective to fix?


(2) Is it worth paying for a CPO PF when the miles is at 72K which is beyond the standard typical 36K warranty and 60K power train warranty?


(3) The Silver Edition is a 4WD, which I don't need. I am in Miami Florida, the entire state is flat, with no mountain and steep hills, I don't think I will be towing a boat...so the 4WD is actually a negative for me in terms of more weight, lower fuel economy, and more complexity to deal with. Or am I overthinking this? Should the 4WD really be a negative? Or should I think of it as a positive that I would rarely use?


I am also considering a 2012 Xterra, I like the profile of an Xterra more but don't know much about it beyond that, anyone that has owned both and can comment on key differences?

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