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Just a couple issues

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I have a few issues with my 06 Pathfinder, 1st is that my vdc and slip light will not go off, even if I disconnect the battery and let the computer reset itself. 2nd is temp and fuel gauge will not work, and have found very limited information on fixing it, something about a voltage regulator. 3rd having potentially over heating issues after replacing the thermostat and housing, the vehicle will spit and sputter if idled to long and eventually shut off, such as setting in a drive thru to long. ONLY had the issue after the vehicle decided to shut down while hauling a U-Haul trailer. Hasn't been right since. and lastly the 4th issue is once the vehicle has been started and ran on some occasions less than 30 seconds and shut off, I literally have to press the throttle to the floor and crank for a second before it will start and run. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated going to be out of the country soon so I don't have a lot of time to tinker with it. Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like issue 1 is a tranny problem. Might be same issue for all seeing as how the initial problem with R 51 was the radiator sales blowing out into the transmission, mixing fluids and catastrophic failure of tranny and cooling cimponents



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