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Underbelly protection; compatibility?

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I ended up with an R51 at the end of a search that began with Xterras. cratching at the surface of things, the R51 shares a chassis with the Xrterra and Frontier.


Is there anything in particuluar that would keep some Xterra/Frontier plates from fitting up to the R51? Chassis, engine, trans, xfer case, fuel tank all seem the same, only the IRS stands out as a big difference.


Making my own plates is on the table, so making slight mods to a purchaned plate is certainly doable. I'm just trying to get a feel for how far and wide I can search for the best plates.


Thanks in advance!

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I found that my old Subaru plate had enough metal to fit, so I started cutting.


1/4" thick 7050 alloy aluminum. It should hold the weight of the car without deflecting:


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