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Weird door locking situation?

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I have a 2008 Pathfinder SE. You can leave the door locks unlocked at night but by morning time all doors are locked. This just started a couple of weeks ago. It did not do this before. I don't like this b/c I don't want to end up getting locked out of my Pathfinder with the keys in the ignition.


Is there some setting I have accidently messed up. My Pathfinder has the little monitor above the radio and a/c controls. Is there something I need to reset? Is this normal for a 2008 to even do this?


Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Its probably the auto-lock feature. Yes, if you have the control panel in the center stack, you should be able to find it under settings and either delay the time or shut it off. A lot of nissans have this feature so you dont accidentally forget to lock your vehicle or bum the unlock buton and not open a door. It should cancel itself if a door is opened though. Your owners manual should explain it in easier detail.

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