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2010 idle drop

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Hey peeps, my in laws have a 2010 Pathfinder. Noticed when at a stop in drive, it drops idle real low to where vehicle shakes pretty good. Any ideas if this is a foreboding of a bigger issue? I'm a WD owner so this is kinda new for me thanks!



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Sounds like the thottle body is maybe dirty or you need to reset the throttle pedal. Remove the intake boot just before the throttle body and inpected for carbon buildup. If there is, clean it with some intake cleaning spray. Don't use harsh chemicals or brushes as you can damage it(don't take it apart either). Once it's good and clean, start it and let it run until it's warmed up. Once running temp is achieved, turn the key off for 10 seconds, then back to the on position(not start) for 10 seconds. Repeat this cycle 5 times both on then off. Keep you foot off of the accelerator pedal during this. This will relearn the acclerator position and closed throttle position. There is a chance you may need to relearn the idle speed, but that is done with a scan tool(nissan consult, snap on SOLUS, ect).


Oh, while you are looking at the throttle body, look around and make sure you don't have any leaking vacuum lines.

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