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Install cruise control on 2007 dci SE 2.5

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Hi everybody!


I just bought a 2007 Pathfinder, diesel 2.5, and it doesn't come with cruise control or steering wheel controls.

I found in ebay steeering wheel OEM control units and was thinking in getting one.

Is it just a straight swap or you need anything else to get cruise control working in my Pathfinder?


Also looking to install a aftermarket android head unit. Will the steering wheel controls work with these units?


I am sorry if this is a repeat question but searched everywhere and could not find a straight answer.


Looking forward to learn a lot from you guys about my pathfinder, she will be going in a lot of the mountains here in Switzerland!


Is there a place where we can post pictures?


I can post some amazing pictures, the scenery here is breathtaking!


Looking forward to your answers!


Thank you!



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