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SAS build options

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I am about to start on the SAS conversion for my 94 Pathfinder and have to decide which route to go.

Currently my setup is the H233B rear with 4.8 ratio + airlocker, and the C200 IFS 4.8 ratio + airlocker.

The airlockers are fantastic and gets me most places, but the damn IFS keeps holding me up. You just can't lift em enough to clear anything, its like a bloody bulldozer that gets stuck. Not to mention the bloody angles the front wheels get when I'm bouncing over boulders, it looks like a bloody DeLorean from BTTF.


Anyway, I'm good with fabrication and want to start a SAS swap. The two options that I can think of with costs are:


Use an MQ Patrol salisbury front diff and have it modified to offset the pumpkin to the passenger side (and just swap axles over left to right), then I can swap my IFS diff gearing and locker straight into it and fabricate mounts using control arms from a GQ.

The average quotes I'm getting to modify the diff are averaging around $700.


My other option is to buy a Grand Cherokee Dana 44, buy 4.8 ratios off ebay for $300 and a locker for $1200.

I have located a diff for $500 complete, here are pics.





Both would require custom mounts obviously to fit them to Pathfinder.


Is there any other options out there, what do you guys recommend?

Buying the Rugged Rocks custom front diff housing would be sweet, but that still requires buying a diff centre with right ratio and airlocker.

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