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Possible oil leak


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I have a 2002 Pathfinder, petrol V6. It's used for 4X4 around where I live, mostly sand, beach and tracks

rarely goes on tarmac, I use auto,hi and lo ranges.

Coming back home this evening as I shut the windows I smelled a faint whiff of burnt oil. No leaks that I can see but the top of the engine LHS does appear to have some oil on it. Not a huge ammount almost like an oil mist is settling on the top cover?

Some advice please. I'm a 5 hour drive from my nearest dealer.

No other problems surprisingly good 4X4.



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Great, hope it solves your leak.


The oil dipstick doesn't have a replaceable O-ring, you'll need to replace the entire thing. You'll want it tight to prevent air being sucked in and potentially adding more contamination to the oil. A new OEM one shouldn't cost more than about $15. Part number is 11140-4W001.

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Thanks Towncivilian. I live in the desert,on the coast, this is my fishing and beach car. taking my Patrol down for a service September I'll take the Pathfinder and get it serviced aswell. The Pathfinder has 150,000km's on it now, any advice on things to get checked would be appreciated. almost got bogged in sand yesterday but the lo range was up to getting me out, good considering the tyres aren't decent T/A's only cheap A/T's.

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Make sure you get your Pathfinder inspected for the strut housing corrosion recall if it hasn't been yet.


Spark plugs are due at 168k kms, might just get those done if they haven't been done yet.


Fluids: transmission, differentials, transfer case, brake, power steering, coolant all less than 2 years old? If not, replace as required.

Filters: engine, cabin, fuel all good/recent?

Driveshafts greased every oil change? Use any NLGI No. 2 lithium soap base grease.

Adjust throttle and cruise cables - see FE-3 and EL-267 of the factory service manual, respectively. You can do these yourself in 5 minutes easy.

Rear drums cleaned, lubed, and adjusted within the past 2 years or so? If not, get that done.


If you haven't yet, download a copy of the factory service manual, it's an invaluable resource. To save a copy of the FSM, right click -> Save As on every PDF, save them into a single folder, then use fwd.pdf to navigate. Owner's manual here too.

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