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TD27eti APS


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I recently had an auto electrician pull the codes from my R50 Terrano with TD27eti, to try to correct a problem where it was going into safe mode intermittently. The codes evidently indicated a faulty accelerator position sensor, and the auto electrician said it needed to be replaced. So he installed a second hand assembly and sent me on my way. The problem reappeared about 2 days later, and I took it back. He re-adjusted the sensor and it was ok for a while. With a recent change in weather the problem is back.


I believe it stems from the computer receiving an out of spec voltage from the APS (which is probably slightly affected by ambient temps). Probing the electrician a bit further it doesnt appear he has any idea of the correct voltage required or the adjustment procedure. I have given up on him, and will do it myself, if I can find the appropriate section of the manual. I have found a manual for a terrano II with the same engine, but the APS is slightly different.


By chance does anyone know where I could find info on this?

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