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Pathfinder Rear Wiper Blade & Install Video

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None of the autoparts stores stock the newer pathfinder rear wiper in my area and I'm assuming others have the same problem. I found the wiper and a installation video:


Newest Generation Pathfinder Rear Wiper Blade: https://www.wipers123.com/product_display.php?make=Nissan&makehid=Nissan&year=2008&yearhid=2008&model=Pathfinder&modelhid=Pathfinder


Pathfinder Rear Wiper ( XX-B ) Install Video: https://www.wipers123.com/wiper_blade_installation_videos.php


I was always told not to force mechanical things, but you have to apply a fair amount of force to snap it out. Its much easier once you see it done.


Hope this helps.

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