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Z24 rough idleing


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Hey all Its been awhile since i have been on here , firstly let me say i dont know a great deal about motors except some of the basics.


So the problem is when idling the motor sounds like it is skipping , I can feel the engine shake in the cab the idling is really low , Im not sure if just adjusting the idle screw would fix this problem , It sounds like it is going to conk out but it dosnt ,from what i can tell when driving on open roads the car feels fine and revs fine its only when idling you can really notice it , Im stressed out as im low on funds and really need my car for work so any ideas would be much appreciated .


Just to save time here is a list of work/repairs Ive had done on it.


Spark plugs and fuel pump

new Idler arm

rear shocks

oil filter

master drum break clynder

wheel alignment

new belts

battery is all good


cheers Dage.

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