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User Avatars and other Images


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Announcement: User Avatars and other Images


Please take note of the NPORA Policy on Member Avatars, Signatures and Profile Pictures:


No images of any overt, sexual, violent or graphic nature.


If you are in doubt, error on the side of good judgment.


If you find another member's image offensive, please PM a member of the NPORA Mod/Admin team, with the member's name, the image type (Avatar, Signature or Profile Picture), and the reason for the report. We will then assess the situation, and make a decision concerning the image.


If you are asked to change your avatar, please comply with a minimum of fuss. It is, after all, just a picture.


Thank you, the NPORA STAFF

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Let this announcement be a reminder to have a look at the images you display on the NPORA forums. Do they follow this policy? Are they the type of things that should be displayed on a family-friendly board.


Thank you for your cooperation. :)

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