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TSB NTB99-004b

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I need to do the wiring harness mod as I'm getting intermittent p0156 & p325 codes, I think it's the ground problem discussed here & before I go buying o2 sensors, etc, I'd like to try this. The links are all broken, does anyone have the TSB &/or photos of where to mount the harness? One post I was reading on another forum the guy said he used the wrong bolt holes & it didn't help with the problem until he used the correct bolt holes on the manifold.

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Hello guys I'm new to the forum but I just checked my voltage drop and it was reading around 150 mV :/. I put the red lead on the grounding bolt and the black on the right side cylinder head as instructed. Anything I'm not doing right, or is this a likely thing? The engine was running idle after a 8km drive.

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