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  1. That was my question. I've seen ONE pre-'78 truck in the junkyards here and it was a '70-'72, the previous body style. Just trying to be cheap/lazy.
  2. Pretty sure it's '93+, I've seen a couple '91-'92s (bottom of grille is straight) that have 12bolt rears like the Amigos and Pickups. If the bottom of the grille is curved it's probably a newer truck and has a D44 rear, except for some 2wds have 10 or 12bolt rears still.
  3. O rly...you mean a Ford d44 with the cast-on RA brackets?
  4. Loving the progress though, and I bet the kids are too!
  5. You've got enough family rigs...you know you want to throw the HB cab on here and double bob a factory bed...
  6. Screw the tow rig! Add trailer brakes to the Pathy and tow the HB with it! Are you going to find a way to put a 5speed behind the V8 or use an automatic?
  7. He narrowed just the long side, to use a Wagoneer axleshaft. At least that's what I think I remember. The HP44 is 65" wide and this one is 61"
  8. I see the new X across the street, you guys get another toy? I really like that rear bumper with the kickout at the back. Is that to add a tire carrier later?
  9. Troof. My springs are a little forward of most and I'm still about 3" higher than Ryan's pic below. My 37s measure out to 35.5" tall in front (worn) and his SSRs are probably a true 35", just to give an idea.
  10. I know of 3... Is there really that much play in that area?

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