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  1. just seeing how big everybody is going. I am running 35 inch mud terrains on mine with some fender trimming!
  2. not actually for sure about the jeep. i am planning on going again pretty soon so when i do i will get the number and address so we can be sure we are talking about the same place!
  3. thanks guys! i think i will go with the 50$ a gallon roll on bedliner for the int. and ext. wish me luck!
  4. that can't be the right place. when you exited bethesda rd. did you pass a couple of tire junyards first? the one i am talking about is about 3 tire junkyard tires down. and they had about 10 white trailers full of tires plus a yard full as well. they had about a 4 stall garage and a parking awning right when you turn in. does this sound fimiliar. cuz there is now way that could be the right place! i thought it was 60 a tire when i went down there and after offering him 240 for the set he told me it would olny be 200. and these were brand new 35x12.5x15's
  5. sorry they didnt have what you were looking for but did you think it was worth your time? He had told me it was 50 a tire which that was for brand new 35's. or 60 a tire mounted and ballanced!
  6. hey guys thanks for the pics i kind of have an idea of what im going to do! has anybody ever heard of spray on rubber? i was wondering if this would melt and does it look good?
  7. let me know how it goes and if you find anything there. Like i said the kicker is to find a whole set! but i had luck with it hopefully you will too! there are a couple of places down bethesda road the one i am talking about has many white trailers with tires and a yard full of tires as well not for sure what the place is called but hopefully you find it! if you do find it try to get the number for the rest of us!
  8. it used to be called able tire but they moved down i-35 a bit more and changed their number! i went there two weeks ago but forgot to pick up there number. if you are going south on I-35 exit bethesda rd. Stay on the right access road and it will be about 1/2 a mile down on your right. i promise its there and the prices are like this
  9. i had a jeep and a bronco i took out there and i found plenty of wheelin fun! i got my 35's from a place in burleson 50$ a tire all brand new. they have tires galore down there that are brand new! the kicker is you have to find a matching set! they sell any tire any size for 50$ if you just take it or 60$ if you want them to mount and balance for you! I found a 46" bogger that still had the tags on it he took 50$ for it! they have atv, motorcycle, trailer, tractor all sorts of tires out there but again you have to find the set or just use as spare!
  10. does nobody have any pictures?
  11. I am in the process of redoing my interior of my 92 pathfinder. I was seeing if anybody on here had a few pics of there custom work. I was thinking of a roll on bedliner on the floor board, suspension seats, refinishing the all the plastics including the door panel and dash and no headliner? any sugestions on something like this or a few pics of what you guys have done to go custom would be appreciated!
  12. do you ever go and check out the trails?
  13. sweet sounds too me like i might have a coulpe of people to go off road with! Your over there by 360 where they have some pretty good trails!
  14. hey that's great! im actually close to the texas motor speedway i just put dallas because i didn't think many people would know where TMS was! but you probably do!
  15. Im from dallas texas and have a 92 pathfinder 4x4 3" SL and 3" BL 35" mud terrain tires and love the site!

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