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  1. Hey guys! I’m trying to decide between the auto 4x4 and the manual one. I feel like the auto switch deal is just more stuff that will fail. I have found a 2002 LE with the auto and just want to make sure they aren’t a lot more trouble or if they are better. I’ve read there are gear differences between the two but can’t find much about one being better or more reliable than the other. Thank you guys for any help! I also read there maybe a wider track and bigger tires on the SE manual models. Wondering if there is much difference there...
  2. Hey guys. I’m looking to get a Pathfinder for for some desert and mountain trails. I’ve found a 98 I like but in researching I have found that the 3.5 is a much better engine than the 3.3. Do any of you guys have experience with both and think it’s worth searching for a 2001 or newer or is the 3.3 good enough? Any other hints or tips you have I will greatly appreciate!
  3. How’s it going guys? Just getting into off-roading and looking forward to all the info and knowledge I can get from the members here!
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