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  1. Went to inspect the diff mounts today and the passenger side one is entirely shot, however, so is the frame that holds the diff mount and the control arm. I'm going to be doing some interesting welding to repair it. I'm glad I caught the rust when I did because it hasn't rotted too much out. It's only on the Passenger side which is odd. Going to replace the passenger side mount and repair the rust as best I can and will report back after in case anyone reads this in the future.
  2. Found the correct part on there but it looks like it's out of stock. Shame because it was well priced. Will probably use that site in the future though, thanks!
  3. Will do. Hopefully they're fine because I can't seem to find a good replacement bushing for sale, guess I could crawl back to the dealership but that always feels like admitting defeat. I'm also going to be purchasing manual locking hubs to try and isolate my front drive train and see if that changes anything
  4. Thanks for the reply. I've removed the front drive shaft and the vibration stayed unchanged. Unless you mean the drive shaft flanges connection to the diff or transfer case. Also, the u joints are new on the drive shaft and have no play.
  5. Hey there new to the forum. I've been having a very hard time diagnosing a violent vibration on my 2004 Pathy LE. To start off I'll list what I've tried. - New Front DS and Rear DS u-joints. - Tire balancing and switching wheels to my winters (which previously gave me no problems and now they also vibrate.) - New CV shafts - New bearings* - Removing the front drive shaft and driving in 2 WD (no change what so ever to vibrations) - New rear suspension bushings - Changing fluid in both diffs and transfer case (no chunks of metal noted in fluid or on drain plugs) - New rotors and pads (don't appear to be warped and the calipers collapse with a brake compressor) (* I recently changed the cv axles and noted that the Driver side wheel seal had ripped and dirt may have gotten into the bearing assembly, I changed the grease out and am waiting for a new seal so I can repack the inner bearing) To describe the vibration it's entirely speed dependent only occurring at 80 KPM - 110 KPM after which it's gone entirely, it can be felt throughout the car but is worse in the front. It's present when braking, coasting, and accelerating. There is no vibration or shaking in the steering wheel. The vibration feels like it in the front drivers wheel well, or at least it's coming from the front of the car. The car has a slight pull to the right but it's very minimal and only when i let the steering wheel go for a long time. The front ball joints appear to be new from the previous owner. There is no play in the wheels when i try to pull on them while the cars raised. When changing the CV shafts I re-greased the spindle bearings and they rolled easily without resistance, no change to noise after re-greasing. I have no lift kits or spacers installed, ride height is entirely factory. Other possibilities: Front control bushings are shot (cracking), front struts are old and there is fluid leaking on the shock absorber, transfer case bearings?, some differential weirdness. Thanks for any help, love my pathfinder and really want to get her back on the highways in time for summer camping!

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