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  1. I pulled the starter motor out of my 1993 wd21 pathfinder/terrano yesterday, it was quite a mission. The hardest part was accessing the top bolt. My suspension lift on the truck made access pretty easy so no need to jack it up and didnt need to remove the right hand side wheel either. Now to learn how to rebuild the starter motor....
  2. Great info, thanks guys! So all the fluids seem to be keeping up levels well, I will need to check the diff oil still though and read through that link about the manual trans to be overfilled. I will go through all these points and check it out. I did a trip on the open road last week and the fuel efficiency was not good at all. BTW in NZ we are LHD.
  3. Hi all, So I am no mechanic, but feel confident in being able to do general repairs and services. I have bought myself a 1993 pathfinder/terrano petrol v6 manual. I dont have any service history on it at all. Although I believe the cam belt was done recently. I am going to start looking at doing longer trips with the family and some overlanding adventures soon. I would like to know what you guys would do on a general service on this truck and anything else extra you might tend to look at or give attention too?
  4. And here is a picture of my truck
  5. Hi there! I picked up my first 4x4 last night, its a 1993 V6 3.0l Terrano. Its completely road worthy and mechanically seems pretty good. There are lots of things I need to do though so will have quite a lot of questions, mostly will probably be stupid questions (I am a software developer by trade :)). My first question is whats the difference between the Terrano and the Pathfinders, if I search on Terrano I see a different looking nissan on international results, but searching for Pathfinder I see a truck which looks like mine. Is the Terrano in New Zealand the same as the Pathfinder in other countries?

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