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  1. Did you ever resolve this issue? I seem to be having the same problem. I really hear it when cruising at ~70mph. If I let off the throttle then I don't hear it. If I really get on the throttle then it seems to stop. This makes me think it is gearing engagement in the dif but I'm not sure. Could be the bearings too.
  2. Hey guys, I am trying to troubleshoot a no-start issue that started today. What happened; I go to my car at lunch, I Insert and turn the key, the dash lights up light normal. I Turn the key to crank and I hear a clank like a loud relay, every light, dome light included, goes out. Everything's dead, key does nothing. Take the key out everything still dead. Get out check fuses, nothing obvious. I open the door back up and the dome light comes on. I give it another try, the same thing happens. I take the key out, open the door, wait a min, close the door, wait a min... Some combination of this allows the electrical system to be happy again and eventually the dome lights will come on when the doors open, as they should. Do a little Googleing and find a post accusing the N/P switch of being the issue. I get back in, key in, turn the key to the On position, push the shift lever forward with one hand and crank with the other. Car starts, runs and shifts fine. Turn it off and try to start without pressing on the shifter. Failure accurees. I take out the key, get out, do the dance with the doors. I get back in, key in, turn the key to the On position, shift to Neutral, turn the key to crank. Car starts, runs and shifts fine. The shift indicator on the dash is telling me the trans is in park, the park locking pin seems to be engaging but there seems to be some issue with he car knowing i am indeed in park??? ------------EDIT----------- After driving a bit more today, I noticed an odd noise around the shifter. If I brake hard, I can hear a very consistent, not very loud "tink" that sound sounds like a pin/rod sliding and hitting a stop. It is very consistent. If I accelerate hard I don't really hear anything but if I brake hard again I can hear the same noise again.
  3. SO i ordered a set of the key fobs linked to see if i would be able to program the latch to the fobs. On my last R50 and when i got this one, the keys i had only had the 3 button fob but also had the hatch pull latch in the door. I programed the fobs for lock and unlock, tested and they worked fine. at that point i tested to see if the hatch would open from the fob but no luck. i could hear a relay toggle when i pressed it but not sure what it was, sounded kind of like the blinker relay but the blinkers/hazards didn't flash. At that point, i figured id give something a try. I followed the same programming sequence but instead of pressing the lock button on the fob to program it, i pressed the hatch button on the fob. The fob still lock s and unlocks, it still does not open the hatch but, it also no longer makes the relay noise i was hearing at first. So the 4th button is/was communicating with something Has anyone/is it possible to program the key fob to open the rear glass hatch? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074P7TLNK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Hey guys, I have a 2004 Pathfinder LE Platinum. I want to cut the cassete player out of the head unit and wire in a Bluetooth receiver so that the head unit looks stock but i have bluetooth and i wont need to buy a full new headunit. do the 2004 R50 have a lock on the head unit so that if i remove it, it wont function when i plug it back in? if so, whats the code/where would i get it.
  5. Awesome, thanks! i'll let you know if someone beats you to it.
  6. I think the file was too large. Can you see now?
  7. Does anyone have this trim piece laying around. I have searched all over the web and in 4 different junk yards, looked at 12 different pathfinders and can not find it. It is almost always already popped out and missing of every car and for the ones I do find. It is shaped slightly different from the trim piece that goes here on the SE. The one on the SE is more angular, this one has a rounded end. Will pay for shipping

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