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  1. I have a 01 LE I got February 2020 at 154k miles and now at 182k and still running strong, but somehow I’ve gone this long without doing any real mods to it. I’m a little nervous dumping money into it given I’ve absolutely tortured the rig off road, but it still hasn’t skipped a beat and I think now is the time to build it up. My plan is: -AC 2” front and back lift springs -Professional fender trim -Front Lokka -Tire upgrade (big KO2s or something) -skid plates -possibly high clearance bumpers -front manual lock hubs My question is if this is a solid enough plan and if I need to take other things into consideration. Specifically if I should also upgrade shocks/struts or maybe should look into non OeM wheels so I don’t run into tire fitment issues. All advice is welcome, and I’m always looking for other ideas and maybe info on if my mod list is worth it. Just want a solid reliable and capable rig. Just want to conquer deep snow and hellish mud on my journeys. Not building a rock crawler or anything. I think my days of slamming it through mud pits at 40 mph are over.
  2. Stupid question but I’m a little confused on some of the buttons, and the lowest temperature I can get blowing is 65 which seems high. Air never blows that cold. What buttons do I press to actually get the coldest air blowing? Dumb question but thanks in advance
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