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  1. Hey, thanks for that reply. Yes, sounds exactly the same as your experience. My Pathfinder also does that using cruise control. Thinking back, I purchased this with a torn intake boot so there's a good chance that contaminants made it inside those components. I'll give that a shot!
  2. Ya, I was thinking maybe something at the solenoid, possibly. No heated garage so I gotta man-up, suit-up, and slide between the Pathfinder & Icey driveway. Thanks for the ideas.
  3. Hey, thank you for that response. I think the TPS thoughts are interesting, and maybe that would make sense of no error code. I've had cars in the past that haven't thrown codes for that. Driving at a very steady pedal position for long periods of time might emphasize such a condition, I'd think. I'll do some homework! Thanks again~ Dan
  4. Hi everyone, I've to 170k on my Pathfinder and just noticing a problem that's getting more persistent and deliberate. If "feels" like the engine is losing ignition for a split second. Sensation is felt through the drivetrain as power is momentarily lost then regained...a little jolt. I noticed it a lot during my last trip between WI & Illinois, was nasty cold, wet, & rainy. I'm hoping to avoid getting stranded as I do this commute 4x's a month! *During a 3 hour round trip I felt this about 20 times. Note: No engine light, my OBDII didn't show any stored codes. Truck does have a remote start which might be a potential item to consider. Any thoughts greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello Pathfinder enthusiasts! Thanks for having me, I'm Dan "the Hitman" from Wisconsin & Illinois. I'm rolling in the '05 Pathfinder XE that I purchased primarily for it's cool look and towing capacity. I purchased a little Speed Boat a few summer's ago and she does the trick...a steady 16mpg with or without the boat! She's a great truck for packing a lot of kids & luggage while offering plenty of power and luxury comforts at the same time. I've got some beefier tires which make it stand-out from most Pathfinder's on the road, just a tad more aggressive. While the pics I'm seeing on this forum really have me drooling at the off-roading I haven't had a chance to take mine out anywhere more extreme than North WI back-roads. I must say she's a blast in the Snow, which I had an opportunity to test out the 4WD this last weekend..WHAT A BLAST! I'm a car, motorcycle, and music enthusiast currently working for Harley Davidson. Your forum brought me here looking for insight on a little intermittent ignition problem I'm experiencing. I'm going to hit-up Jim with a direct inquiry but also look forward to getting ideas for my Pathfinder from all the great posts I'm seeing here!

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