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  1. Hi All, (ya, I am attempting to figure out this forum... Upon hitting reply "NOTHING HAPPENED"??? So and I know it's incorrect but "I started this new topic" Yeah, Should have titled this one "Lost on the Forum"... So Help? So if it's not obvious "Being Afraid to post" is not my issue, and once I learn this thing I will play by thee rules... So Introductions (I do ye ole "AA" Approach) Hi, My name is Tom and I have been a Compulsive 4Wheeler for 32 years (ok I admit I may have a problem with it - LOL) I have owned Several Rigs in the past to present... 1972 Blazer CST 4x4 - Sold 1985 Toy SR5 4x4 (Hilux) - Burried 1992 Toy ExCab 4x4 - Sold 1999 Toy Tacoma 4x4 - Freeway Wrecked 2007 Toy FJ Cruser (Getting a 3in Lift and Full 10 point Roll cage right now as a matter of fact) I Suppose you may notice I am a fan of Japanese Machines, and ya (Dam right, only machine you can play all weekend and drive to work the next Monday) you may also notice the Favor IO have with Toyota - Dam near Farm Equipment if you ask me... and I still am Very LOYAL to the Yota... So What in tar nation am I doing here right? Well for the past 7 Years I have been trying to make a "Convert" out of my Girlfriend (Loyal to the American Crap till she was fed up with fixing it...) So She is a person who wears her car like she does her outfit, and FINDING THE RIGHT ONE was (a Pain in the a**) A four month search, I had recommended both Toyota and Nissan she wanted a list of certain things, and well She is (So far) very happy in her 2004 Nissan Pathfinder - Can someone please confirm is an """R50""" type am I correct? Its a LE Platinum model and looks to be "REAL STRONG" with only 40k miles on her... Since I am the one Rolling under it, I set this account up for her... So you folks know I am Very adept at working on Japanese, and Know just about every trick there is with "Toys" and Will pass along all I know... I have However have "Noticed a Difference in Terminology", as the "Forward Propeller shaft" somewhat threw me, (I just call it Front Drive line or shaft to the forward Trans Axial but I get it Nissan see it as what "pro-pells you" so propeller shaft...ya ok) so that may take some getting used to... anyhow It's been 30 years since I wheeled a Nissan (1984 Datsun 4x4 was one hell of a truck, was my bosses and not mine but it wheeled fine all the same) and well Things have changed !!! I like to find humor in things and in short try to be a "Positive voice" because is a human made it well I certainly can fix it (and I do believe that) My Trail Experience is almost too long to list so I will do a "Hi-lights" I have been a "Blazer Recovery Vehicle" (in my Toys) at Blazerbash 2007, 2008, 2009 in Moab Utah... I am a Californian, have done the Rubicon (and the Ice House Lakes from Union to Loon) a number of times but only 3 times the entire way (all in my 85 Toy) The Strawberry Trifecta from Bear Valley to Nevada Groveland''s Hell's Gulch and RV Park Frank Raiens RV Don Padro - River Trail and a whole lot more... So My Girls name is Julie, and she is the Very "HAPPY OWNER" of the attached "Pathy"... Tom.bmp

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