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  1. With the typical western Washington weather, you expect any container that is not sealed and exposed to the sun to eventually fill up with water, so it is with head lights that have been hit by pebbles where that tiny hole inhales and exhales during a solar cycle and condensate turns your headlight into a half full fish bowl. With water in both headlights, I decided to order the bottom feeder head light assemblies off eBay, they looked useful, so I installed them and then noticed the adjusters were frozen! I removed them and noticed the quality of plastic was nowhere near the OEM effort, and the threaded screws were seized in the threaded holes, and one adjuster screw was short when it should have been long for that corner. The retaining clips on the head light itself were junk, but the main assembly looked useful, so I used a small screwdriver to push the detent over and remove the OEM adjusters and transfer them over. I did the same with the OEM clips, and I think I might be OK. I'm so happy that I discount my own labor because I would have otherwise paid double? The box said Eagle Eyes brand and made in Taiwan, but I'm not sure you can believe anything anymore, as these may be counterifts of an honest effort from Taiwan?
  2. My 74 year old friend has been spending all his time in Arizona for some years, He had a 1992 Luxury Edition of the pathfinder, and I doubt it's ever been off the pavement. Last time it was licensed was 2012, and it sat in his garage up here. I bought it from him after he sold his house up here, he was really attached to this car for some reason. The Interior and body are very nice, and it's basically a no rust car, I'd keep it but I have too many rigs now. Runs good, shifts good, I changed the lube oil, coolant, and trans fluid just because I always do that when I get a new rig. 160K miles and it feels like there's a lot of life left. Pictures to follow
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