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  1. Thanks for the input guys. That truck sold about 30 minutes before I left work unfortunately. The question about suspension came from me seeing a few models branded "urban", which sounded pretty un-promising! I've heard bad things about the QD32 Injector pumps - $1800+ to get them rebuilt? I can do most things myself, but I'd still like to avoid that! I didn't know that a jerk taking off was a symptom, cheers. Thanks for the tip on the tyre size too.
  2. Hi Team, First time poster here, thanks to Pathydude17 for the steer here from Youtube :) I'm located in New Zealand and am looking to buy a WD21 or R50. We had a few NZDM Pathfinders sold here, but the majority of our cars are imported used from Japan. I've been diving into some of the great info on the forum here, but I'm struggling to find anything that says how much is consistent from your USDM Pathfinders to JDM Terranos. I'm going to have a look at this beast soon: Terrano RS-R Limited It looks high spec in terms of creature comforts, but does anyone know if there were ever any changes made to the suspension etc between models? All I really want to do is put on some 30"/31" A/Ts and do some casual beach driving etc. Cheers.

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