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  1. hey mate its up for sale see above comment for details
  2. hey everyone I have decided to sell my wd21 2 door petrol pathfinder did run when parked. its located in Curra Qld. looking for around $1000 ono and you organise pick-up and drop off let me know if you are interested in buying.
  3. Is there any other modes that I can do on the internals of the motor to get a little more power without increasing the price to much
  4. how much are you planning to spend on rebuilding your z24 I have been quoted 2-3k to have it completely pulled down, bored, decked and re assembled with some fresh parts is this a good price
  5. so I looked at the plate and it says engine Z24(S) 2389 does anyone know what the S stands.
  6. Hi I have a 89 Nissan pathfinder with a fu**ed z24 motor in it does anyone know how hard it is to swap a V6 ecotech Into it or has anyone done it would like to know how hard it is or if its worth it. all feed back welcome
  7. Don't have a pic at the moment because my phone died I will try to get some pics I seen a pic of a z20 and it looked the same but couldn't see how many spark plugs there were is this possible I defiantly know that it is a 4 cylinder twin spark
  8. ok thanks does anyone know a easy way to tell what engine it is from just looking at the motor
  9. the rust starts around the middle of the door and stops around the end of the door
  10. I can get a sill for a four door and the crash repair shop down the road thinks that it would still fit. is this true
  11. That I know so far it needs a bonnet, all window rubbers, the driverside sill, driver side triangle window, motor, carpet, window switch, engine coolant overflow bottle, speedo, passenger taillight. that all I can think of at the moment
  12. its a 4 cylinder petrol and a 2 door. I know that they are starting to get rare that's why my family wants me to scrap it so I don't have the trouble of trying to find parts for it and I have only seen 2 pathfinders that are close to my year they where both 4 door and 1 was turbo diesel
  13. I got a wd21 Nissan pathfinder wagon given to me by my brother, its been sitting for around 4 years. it has got bad blowbuy, drinks oil and hasn't been started since it was parked, its got rust in the bonnet and a whole in the sill that Is around 10 inches long other then that its ok. My family thinks that I shouldn't bother trying to fix it and just use it as a paddock basher but I have seen what can be done to them but most of the pathfinders that I find that are the same model are all in America. does anyone know where I can find a parts car in Australia and a price for it or should I just scrap it.

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