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  1. Right on! Thanks for the tip with the dremel. I own one so I'll definitely do it. Really hope that it works because I don't want to be stuck with a dead car if it doesn't work lol
  2. This question is for all but more specifically you as you also have an '02. Do you find that you have absolutely no room to play with on your battery leads? I bought the terminals that Strato_54 linked and I want to cut off the old ones and mount these but I seriously don't know if I have the length to attach the new ones and still have it reach the battery.... So I'm left with either getting entirely new wires ran, or my preferred method of some how extending the wires to get the length I need.
  3. Hey all, I've recently decided to do some completely un-needed upgrades to my Pathy just because I can. I've got myself a lovely bullbar on the front, two 4" LED's on the roof rack and a 22" LED bar on the bars. I also have just replaced the battery from the 7 year out of date with the battery it's "supposed to have" according to the guy at Part Source. There was a lot of corrosion on the negative terminal that I scrubbed off with baking soda/water mix (only getting a little bit of corrosion in my eye before wearing eye protection), but in the changing process I also learned that the screw to loosen the negative terminal was also seized on and now rounded off in the process of trying to remove it. I managed to get pry it off and get the new battery in so my Pathy will start again, but the connection on the negative is a little suspect and it's already getting some white corrosion on it. I want to replace the entire clamp section as it's old and janky and I want to give the LED's the best chance at life with a good connection to the battery. It looks a little messy in there and I don't know the best way to approach it; I've read that there is a harness of a few wires as well. Should I be looking to replace the entire harness or can I cut off the old clamp and solder on a new one? I can upload a photo in the morning of the battery if that offers any more information and help to any one willing to help me? Thanks all! Joe
  4. So to update, I went to work and tried blasting it out from the inside with compressed air but the angle was too tricky to do anything useful. I was walking around feeling a little discouraged about what to do and I popped the hood. Now to be perfectly honest, I didn't understand your photo for the longest time lol, I thought you took it from underneath the vehicle but when I popped the hood it all made total sense! I tried using a coat hanger to jab inside but it was too awkward of an angle so I just ended up squashing my arm right down in there and yoinking it out with my hand. It was blocked, cleaned it out and ran the car and with the AC on till I saw it draining out onto the ground without the pipe in; let the engine cool down and plugged it back in. And it's fixed!! So I'm stoked about that. The carpet was still a little damp underneath but after three days of letting it dry I got a little impatient. I figure it'll eventually evaporate over the summer. Thanks for the help!
  5. Thanks for going through the effort! Are you talking about this small piece? I did some digging around and finally found a similar shaped piece like this and I believe it's the drainage pipe, and feeling from inside it does feel like it's blocked. The issue is that Nissan sure did a great job of making it a super hard piece to access, even with a coat hanger. I'm going to have to get my hands on an air compressor to blow it out. Yeah it seems like a huge job to get the black box out. I think the easiest option (for with what I have anyways) would be do use an air compressor to blow it all out of the box and then clear the hose. I'll have to deal with the leaf litter all over the dash later lol. I've had the side of the carpet pulled up for a few days now to try and dry it out but it's so wet in there I've ended up having to take the passenger seat out so I can lift the whole carpet up on that side to let it dry!!! I have a feeling this has been an issue for a while now!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum but since I started getting interested in buying a Pathfinder I found this place and have been reading a lot of threads and learning a whole bunch. A few months ago I bought a 2002 Pathfinder and I love it, it's been looked after so well and has very few, small issues to fix. One of those issues was that after the AC has been on for a long time, it will spill out on the passenger side onto the carpet (most commonly when I make a sharp left hand turn). I've read a handful of threads here of people having the same issue and I was looking for the drainage pipe to be able to see if that was blocked. I've pulled out the glove compartment and the backing and found the AC unit itself but no pipe. What I do see is this big black box with a small radiator inside, which I assume is for cooling/heating the air to pump into the inside of the car? Inside there is also some old leaf litter. When unscrewing it, I noticed that the foam seal on the right side that connects to the white housing was soaking wet and you cal also see a stream of water on the floor so I'm lead to believe that there is some kind of blockage that is causing the lower half of the black box to fill with water and eventually overflow. I lifted up the carpet and found that it was heavily flooded with water and had even made it's way behind the passenger seat to the rear seats. I was able to drain the majority of the water out with a rubber seal under the car. My issue is, that I don't know how to get the bottom half of the box out to access the radiator/leaf litter or if that is even the issue at all. The threads I saw here talk about drain pipes and I'm not sure if I'm having the same issue or not? Thanks a lot in advance everyone!
  7. What's up everyone. I'm a Kiwi living in Ontario, Canada and I just got my first car after living here for three and a half years. I couldn't go for anything other than a Pathfinder as we had a 1991 Terrano when I was a kid and I always loved it. So I bought myself a 2002 Pathfinder Chilkoot with 212,000km on it that has been looked after so well by the previous owner (I'm the third). I love this car so much. There is a little bit of frame rust as it's a Southern Ontario vehicle but it's so little for it's age. I built a bed in the back of it for camping in and threw in a lot of stuff so I can basically live and fish out of the back of it. I'll take some more photos when I get the chance and upload them. The only issues this guy has right now is the EVAP system has a leak, the fan belt squeals a little when I start it and it has an A/C leak which I'm in the middle of trying to fix.

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