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  1. New speedo came in today, installed it and, unfortunately, still no signal. Now that I've ruled that out I will need to trace wires and see if I can find the short. This is not something I'm looking forward to!
  2. @XPLORx4 I used the manual to check the signal to the cluster from the VSS. It shows roughly .5v to the cluster. There's another step that I'm not sure if I did right. It says to check the resistance between 1 and 2 on the speed sensor connector, I assumed that was the 2 prong connector on the back of the cluster that plugs into that yellow box bolted on the back? I did that test wrong if it was supposed to be tested at the vss to harness connection point under the vehicle. I also tore the entire cluster apart, cleaned everything and completely rebuit it tightening everything down good. I didn't see any obvious failure points, and that fact that it's still sporadic at highway speeds leads me to believe it's still a short somewhere between the vss and the cluster. But again, voltage did come across at .5V..........and now that I typed this all out and went back to look at the diagram, it says replace speedo if signal is good...well ok. Thank you all for the assistance, I will replace the speedometer and see what happens! Side question though. I was checking out speedos on rock auto and I see some are electronic. Since there is no cable I could, in theory, use a digital odometer unit correct? Thanks again!
  3. @Slartibartfast It is a manual. I went out driving again last night to run a drive cycle and kept an eye on the mph with the live data running on my scanner. When the needle registers, so does the live data. I'm definitely leaning more towards the electrical side as the vehicle is getting up there in age. Just need to determine roughly where the fault is, especially since there are 4 different sensors on it from what I can determine. One at each front wheel, one in the transfer case (those 3 have been replaced already), and one in the top of the trans (more work, haven't done that one yet). I appreciate the direction to the nico website, I'll go see if I can find what I need in there. Needed the drive cycle info anyway as some of my sensors aren't ready after about 70 miles of driving randomly so it has already helped a bit. Thanks again y'all.
  4. Alright y'all, I know this has probably been discussed at length, but after an hour perusing the forum, I can't seem to get a straight answer. As the tilte states, my gauge is not working properly. At highway speeds it will kick on randomly for a little while, but is always about 5-10 mph low. I use a GPS app now as it's been out for a while. I've replaced the wheel speed sensors as well as the transfer case sensor. I keep seeing mention of another sensor on the top of the transmission, but it seems like nobody knows where it's at. I have a 4wd manual SE. I've also pulled the cluster, cleaned and tightened all the screws and inspected the traces. It doesn't appear to be an issue with the cluster. I'm showing 0mph on my scanner when I drive using live data as well, so it looks like the ecu is not showing any speed. Any insight or help is greatly appreciated! I just don't want to keep throwing parts at it if it's a simple fix. I'm not the greatest when it comes to the vehicle wiring side, but if someone could point me in the right direction on a resource I can use, I'm sure I can figure it out eventually. Really appreciate y'all who took the time to read this and help out if you could!

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