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  1. Finally got the pathfinder to start reliably so I can concentrate on this. I replaced the coolant temp sensor - the two wire sensor - and it didn’t change the condition from what I can tell. I will pull the plugs and see how they look. I noticed that the temperature gauge in the truck never goes above 1/4 and that’s after a lot of driving. Could that be related to this issue? Stuck thermostat?
  2. It lives! It was ultimately the starter. Took me three evenings, but finally got the starter replaced. Replaced it with a rebuilt Nissan starter. What a bear of a project. It’s funny - the original 1993 starter was still installed. I plan to rebuild that one to keep on the shelf as a spare. Thanks again for all the help!
  3. Thank you! I will give that a shot today.
  4. Thanks for the info MrEviLDeD! I purchased a new ignition switch. Will probably go ahead and replace it this weekend.
  5. Ok - you guys were a big help with getting the pathfinder fired up and home. Once I got it started it had a really rough idle. It’s also putting out a black substance that smells like gas from the tailpipe. It smells like its running really rich. I’ve sprayed some starting fluid around the vacuum hoses to see if it has a vacuum leak. Didn’t detect one. What else should I try? Thanks! Matt
  6. Ok- tried to jump starter - no luck. Hit starter with a stick of conduit. That did the trick - it fired right up! Thanks for the suggestion Adamzan! Should I go ahead and get the starter rebuilt if it’s the original or just replace it with one from the local auto parts store?
  7. Thanks so much Mr Reverse! It’s an auto tranny and I will be following your advice tomorrow afternoon! Matt
  8. Just purchased a 1993 one owner Pathfinder. 180k on the odometer. It has developed the typical turn the key and no start problem. The starter doesn't try to turn, all you hear are a couple of relays clicking. This issue started yesterday and was intermittent until the last time we attempted started it and then it wouldn't start at all. The previous owner replaced the battery thinking that was the problem. Here's my issue: I need to pick the truck up tomorrow and am wondering what I need to bring with me to get it started. I am thinking i could turn the key to the run position and use a remote start switch connected to the starter and battery to get it going. Do you guys think that will work? Any other suggestions?? Thanks in advance for the help!!! Matt

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