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  1. (if you want to see any pictures of the speakers or exhaust I will gladly put them up)

    Hello! Have not been on here in a while. Due to other projects and me using another car a lot, haven't been using the pathfinder, my dad uses it more often than not. 

    Quick update on it tho, we change the timing belt and water pump on it, the people who shipped it gave us the water pump and timing belt for the next generation, I will put it on a different topic to sell that one. 

    We are also changing the front and rear speakers, the 6x9 in the back and 6x6 in the front I believe. Took a bit of fabrication in the front because they did not fit to spec, which is okay because you cant tell once the panel goes over it.

    Changed the exhaust because the old was rusted all the way, and added a tailpipe for some swag.

    Next project is adding a trailer hitch for our project boat!


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