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  1. going back to the instrument cluster lighting. i have an 02. turn the car on and only half of the cluster comes on. next time its just the other half that works. or the whole thing is fine. checked out all plugs. ideas?
  2. my 2002 pathfinder has been sitting for awhile but kids getting old enough to take out camping. looking forward to start making this a project rig with my kids. looking to see where to start?
  3. My pathfinder is bone stock in great shape but hi miles 200,000,00+. My son and daughter are getting to the age of camping. 9 and 4yrs. My goal is the make this into a project car

    like i had with my dad growing up. i want to to make it a overlander rig without going to crazy yet? i want to get it lifted 3 to 4". Get a skid plate and Pumpers on it. Go camping where i want. explore trails without the fear of getting stuck and learn how to overland along the way.

    1. zakzackzachary


      2" is about as big of a suspension lift you can go before you start getting CV axle angle issues. In order to go higher you'll need to drop the subframe requiring a SFD (sub frame drop). I recommend you search around on this forum to learn more about that. But the vehicles are very capable at around 2". 

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