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  1. Looks like my 2003 Pathfinder SE Auto 2wd will need transmission repair in the future. Won't go into reverse after it's warmed up but forward gears are fine. Wanted to get opinions on approx value before I decide if I want to rebuild transmission eventually. It's a 2003 Pathfinder SE 2wd auto with 258k. I'm in Central TX so it has never seen snow or ice - zero rust. I am the only owner and have babied it from day one. Have a thick folder of all the maint going all the way back to the window sticker from when I bought it. Has never been off road. I'm meticulous about maint, so has had oil changes, fluid changes, etc. Even replaced the fuel filter. Has had everything replaced that you would expect including new radiator, AC system, spark plugs and coil packs, etc. Replaced upper and lower control arms (not just bushings) when it started to wobble. Keep in the garage so the paint is in great condition. Engine is smooth. Can take pictures if I do decide to sell but really just trying to get an idea of what it might be worth at this point. I want to rebuild transmission and keep but only if it makes sense. I can't do transmission work myself.
  2. Reverse will engage when fluid is cold, but once it's warm I have no reverse. I'm going to do a pan drop and change the transmission fluid and replace the filter. Then have a transmission shop look to see if it might be something like a solenoid. But if it's something major, I could easily continue to drive it around town without reverse. I've done it for a few weeks and haven't had a problem. Has anyone driven their vehicle for a significant length of time without reverse gear? If the reverse can't be fixed, I'm wondering if I can just drive it until the forward gears start to fail. The forward gears are still shifting like new. I am only driving it 3k-5k miles a year as it's our "extra" vehicle. Has 255k miles but is still in excellent condition.
  3. I have a 2003 Pathfinder with 257k. Had a P0420 and installed new o2 sensors (upstream and downstream on bank 2). Also ended up installing new coil packs for all cylinders because I had two prior misfires, and all coil packs were original, so decided to just put in all new ones. The new o2 sensors worked for a while, but the P0420 came back so I put a spacer on the o2 and cleared the code and it has remained cleared. Assuming it stays off, does this seem to indicate it's probably the cat? I know it can be other things, but just wondering if it's most likely the catalytic converter. I'm putting on maybe 250 miles a month now, and even pre covid was only driving 500/month, so not wanting to do more than I have to.

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