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  1. Might sound stupid, but have you reset your ECU? I cleaned off my MAF recently and had the same surging while at idle afterwards (this was NOT an issue before cleaning MAF) - checked all vacuum lines, checked EGR, AIV, etc. Turns out the problem righted itself when I unplugged the battery for a few minutes and let the ECU reset itself. Idles perfectly now and I think the A/F ratio is way better as a result as it smells way less of gas. We'll see if mileage improves after I fill up.
  2. Wanted to bump this old thread so that I could chime in for anyone on the search for new hinges - 2nd gen hinges DO work. They bolt up without any modification and are a nice upgrade from the brittle old plastic hinges. I took the plunge on a pair on eBay after scrutinizing pictures and was very pleased to find out that they install very easily. They swing up and down without any binding - the only issue (and this is totally surmountable) is that they make the glass stick out a few millimeters further away from the hatch, making a small (maybe 2mm) gap between the glass and the window seal at the top. My plan when I have the time is to cut some shims out of rubber and install between the hinges and glass to push the glass closer towards the hatch and hopefully create a good seal against the window gasket. I'll make an update to this thread when possible and see about taking some pictures as reference. My 32 year old hinges were splitting apart and I was having a tough go of finding decent looking replacements, so this was a big win for me.

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