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  1. I ended up getting some avm 761s. They gave been great so far. Solid exterior construction. Super durable. Pricey at $160 though.
  2. Sorry about the delay. After settling with stock front and 9447 in rear I have about 6 inches in the back and about 3.75 in the front.
  3. Couldn't wait. Got the rear on. Jesus the rake is huge. Handles a lot stiffer but damn the flex is nice.
  4. Got mine in about 2 days. Now just gotta find the time to put this altogether. AC and 9447s
  5. Rockauto had the gr2s for only $30 a strut so I got 2 but I still plan on reusing the old struts and then I'll just be ready in about 50k miles once I get another set of bearings and mounts. Then I need to fab up a missing link and get my locker in the front once I get it. Then I should be good for a year or 2. How long did it take for you to receive your AC coils?
  6. Ordered some AC springs for the front. Plan is to swap the springs into my current struts and use all existing hardware and just replace springs. Might need camber bolts so I'll order those also and return if not needed. With only about 36k on the odometer I know the struts have some life left even though they are 16 years old at this point. Hoping to get to 80k before upgrading struts and mounts. Crazy 4x4parts charges $60 for shipping where as LRDirect only charges $40 and is coming from the UK and arrived in 4 days.
  7. How do you feel about the ome springs vs the AC springs. Everything else I'm settled on but the springs themselves I'm not sure where the best place to get them is from or which would be best. To be completely honest this is my daily driver so it's gonna be on pavement or dirt roads 90% of the time and off road around here is mainly sand and mud.
  8. You did a 2 inch AC lift right? What parts did you go with? I'm trying to nail it all down. I wanna do 2inch ac springs, kyb struts and best to use Nissan mounts and bearings correct? Will I need camber bolts also? Thanks for all the help btw.
  9. Awesome thanks for the tips. The only reason I want to put the rear in now is my ass end bottoms out really easy and it's touched the fenders twice so don't wanna rip anything off. Hits the bump stops pretty easily. I guess I can always pull them back out if it's too much of a rake.
  10. So ordered some 9447 springs and some pro comp 326500 es3000 shocks for the rear. Anything I should be aware of before throwing it all in? Hopefully the take isn't too crazy cuz I won't get to the front for a while.
  11. Yikes I'll remember that. If I need pulled out from the front what would be the best point to do it? Just get a hitch d ring and do it from the rear instead? Planning on doing a custom bumper at some point but caution would be good until then. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Big weekend for me. Got the light bar mounted on the rack. No glare at all with how far back it is. Not a bit of light hits the hood. Ran the wiring down the rain stripping. Just pulled the rubber back on the a pillar and tucked it in there. Also got the amp and CB hooked up. Had to modify the Firestik mount a bit to get it to sit right with the cable I had. All wires go through an existing hole in the firewall where the wiring comes in. Just pushed the gasket towards the engine and cut a small line in it for my wires to pass through then pulled it back in. Also got my receiver installed and mounted my bumper light bar inside the first hole in the bumper. Previously I had it mounted to the front license plate bracket but this is much sturdier. Not sure about the best way to post pictures so here is the direct link for better quality. https://imgur.com/a/3M8Z1OR https://imgur.com/a/xTqLtX2
  13. Wheel spacers and roof rack on today also.
  14. Hub update. Got my replacement ones in and it appears the bearing on the hub failed. Swapped it out and greased it up with some better grease than what it came with and the noise is gone and locks and unlocks fine. The noise was like hitting the rumble strips and more of a growl and went away when i locked them because that bearing stopped moving when the hub was engaged. Now as soon as my Lokka comes in I'm ready to go.
  15. I almost bought those myself. I put Kuhmo Road Venture AT51s on mine. Yours would be about an inch taller than my 245/75r16. I'll probably end up messaging you about a year from now to see how they handle if I want to make a switch. Its snowing in Indiana right now and they seem ok. Not as good as the Cooper Discoverer M+S i had on my last vehicle but it could also be that that was front wheel drive and the pathy is rear wheel.
  16. Mine is spotless luckily. An 04 with 33k on it. Hoping everything goes smooth because of the condition. I feel ya on quick jobs taking forever. The last vehicle I had had 150k on it and it was an Ohio car so everything took 3x as long. What tires are you planning on running?
  17. I know the feeling haha. Only reason I'm doing all this now is the 3k I got for selling my last vehicle so I'm trying to buy everything I want before it's gone lol. I'm going to do the lokka install myself. Find a dry Saturday sometime soon hopefully. I'll create a thread with pics and possibly a video documenting it. It will be the first time ever doing anything with a dif so should be a learning experience.
  18. So the hubs that I purchased were some unbranded ones off ebay but I've seen posts from Hawairish that they should be fine. Maybe just bad luck is all. I will be sure to inspect the next set well. Thanks for the tip on the bumper. I will look into my options. Trying to avoid a rough ride is important since this is my daily. And the Lokka is in the mail on its way to me right now haha.
  19. Note to anyone reading this. I installed these hubs from Ebay Well after about 3 days the passenger hub was starting to fail. It didn't want to stay unlocked and would occasionally catch and try to engage. I was on about a 200 mile drive so I got out and engaged them and problem solved. Still work locked just didn't want to stay unlocked. Ordered another set and will return these ones. Good thing the weather is bad here so I would have then locked anyways.
  20. Update. Gonna go with an AC lift up front and LR9447 springs in the rear. Upgrades and mods over the last week. Put 245/75r16 kuhmo at51s on. Installed rugged ridge manual hubs. Installed light bar and new speakers in the doors. Installed hella headlight bulbs and led yellow fogs and led reverse lights Waiting on my trim tools to swap the stereo and install amp and small 10inch subwoofer. Ordered a low profile roof rack and 1.5 inch wheel spacers. Although I have no rubbing with the current tires. Need to install my CB radio also. Planning on ordering a Lokka for the front. Can't wait to get this thing on some trails.
  21. I saw a set of supreme suspension spacers on ebay for $80 that looked good. I used supremes spacers on my r51. Gonna use their 1.5 inch on this pathy. And coming from my lifted 99 awd rav4 it's nice to be able to whip the ass end out again haha.
  22. Just picked up an 04 SE. 32k original miles. In incredible condition. Spotless. Looking to do a lot to this. 2 inch spacer lift up front and LR springs in the rear. 245/75r16 tires on stock wheels. 1.5 inch wheel spacers. New stereo and speakers. CB radio install under radio. Custom low pro roof rack. Light bar in grill and on top. One in the rear also. Receiver hitch install. Headlight upgrade. Led pods next to factory fog lights. Looking on the forum gives me a ton of ideas. Any tips or suggestions would we awesome. Thanks for letting me be part of the group. Used to own an 07 pathy that was awesome but this 04 just feels different. Tighter all around and more capable. Oh mine also came with the manual lever transfer case.Cant wait to get it on some dunes and trails.

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