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  1. so i replaced the fusible link on battery and new terminal too still no start, cranks fine but won't start, all the display warning lights come on as they should, but still no start
  2. i will check the fusible links on the battery to be sure, i replaced the IPDM with a new one. It hasn't been really cold here this season it has been in 40s and 50s during the day so not sure about the ECU, it was just strange the way it happened, day before it was running great went to go out the next day and no power found it was a loose positive connection and lights and everything came back on, went to start it and just cranked and would not start i tried my cheap code reader and link error same with two other ones that i borrowed from friends one which was a pretty decent one, so i will start with battery fusible links and go from there thanks again for the input hoping it is something as simple as a fusible link
  3. I have checked all the fuses all in side and under the hood, i did replace the ipdm after seeing all the issues multiple people were having with them no difference, the security light does come on while cranking the engine i have tried both keys to see if one would start it, the fob will still set alarm and lock the doors and deactivate the alarm and open the doors, so will both keys, i thought when the security system locks you out it won't even crank from what i have seen online, i did check the fusible links in the fusible link box but not on the battery so i will have to do that, would that also cause an obd2 scanner to have a link error?
  4. I have a 2011 Pathfinder Cranks but no start issue, about two weeks ago went out on a Saturday night came home shut off vehicle, next day went to go out put the key in and nothing no lights and no instrument display no click nothing ,checked the battery 12.5 volts checked connection on battery and found loose positive side tightened the connection lights and instrument cluster comes go to start it just cranks won't fire up, so checked fuses and relays all are good, tried to run obd2 scanner to see if possible code, link error, thought it might be my cheap code reader tried two different ones and same thing link error, is this an ecu problem with vehicle or something else that i am overlooking
  5. i checked the ones inside and the two under the hood and couldn't find any that where bad, actually pulled all just to make sure there wasn't a different fuse causing it
  6. Hi new here i have a 2011 4.0 s model, i am having a problem with the display it went black and radio and cd doesn't work, also the climate control stopped working with it too, it blows air out of the defrost vent, but cannot shut it off or change from heat to a/c or adjust fan, i do not have navigation system on the vehicle, i have checked fuses and made sure battery terminals were clean and tight but those don't seem to be the problem. i have done a google search but have not found much mostly stuff for rogues and maximas, at a loss any help would be appreciated

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