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  1. I saw a post on here somewhere about that. I may try that when the new MAF arrives.
  2. It does have a new distributor in it. I'm currently waiting on the correct MAF sensor to come in from the parts store. I ordered a new one and the mounting holes were opposite of what they needed to be. Parts store says it's a manufacturer defect, the parts store associate has ordered 2 and they have both been wrong mounting locations. He ordered the whole sensor and the housing it bolts to in the air intake.
  3. I've had the truck for right at 2 years. No check engine light now. There was one for a speed sensor but I got that fixed.
  4. Not by me anyhow. It may have been by the previous owner. It has roughly 160,000 miles on it.
  5. It misses when it's hot or cold. Not really as noticable until you give it light throttle. The more throttle the less it misses I guess you could say. I can take one plug wire off while it's running and it's not a great noticable difference. As with the injectors I done the same I unplugged them individually while running and have a few that are weak. And it does die immediately when I unplug the MAF sensor. I can just barely open the throttle when parked and it misses pretty bad. I hate to keep just throwing parts at this thing.
  6. No check engine light is on...abs light is however. It definitely misses worse since I put the new ignition coil on. I drove it about 5 miles and parked it back in the driveway. I haven't done a compression test yet that will be done tomorrow.
  7. Hey folks. I'm new here and I've got a 1995 pathfinder xe v6 4x4 manual transmission that I can't seem to get fixed, I was wondering if y'all could help me. The vehicle started missing on me a few months ago and I had to have it towed. I got a local mechanic to work on the issue, being as it has roughly 160,000 miles on it I figured it needed a tune up. He replaced all the spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor button, air and fuel filter, along with belts, and checked for vacuum leaks. And it still missed he said that the fuel pressure regulator was fine, egr valve was clean he cleaned the MAF sensor and ended up replacing the IAC valve. To no avail it still missed, finally he noticed the distributor has a lot of dust in it and he blew it out and it ran fine. Or so I thought, for about a week. It started missing again and I took it to another mechanic and he replaced the distributor, and done a few other things. And now it still misses. Only when it's under really light throttle like trying to maintain constant speed on the road. I figured it was the TPS. I personally installed it and it didn't really affect the issue, so I thought I would try installing a new ignition coil, and it seems to have made the miss worse. I'm lost I don't know what else to look at on the vehicle. Any and all help is appreciated.

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