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  1. Looking to buy H233B center section that’s 31 spline and a open diff, also must be 4.3 geared. I’m located in the Bay Area CA but will be willing to travel.
  2. Thanks to your reply, I figured it out. I looked at the schematic that you told me to and it was a fuse I didn’t think to check. Swapped the fuse and she started right up. On a side note for anyone that’s doing/did a electric fan swap where are they tapping into for a 12v ignition source so I’m not making the same mistake?
  3. Well it has happened. I don’t post often on the forum since there is so much information I always like to do research on a topic before actually doing so, turns out I didn’t do enough and today while installing my efan I believe I might of fried my Ecu ?. Car cranks over but doesn’t want to start. I checked all fuses, and all are good(fan is out of a 98-00 ford crown Vic). I tried tapping into a 12v switched source and after that the no start happend. Question, is there a ecu fuse or anything of sort I should check? Also I have Nissan Data scan and it’s not communicating with the ecu when plugged in. Help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank for the reply! Also the guy that sold it to me was the second owner and had it since 2011. I wish I knew how to upload pictures lol. Now that I think about it since you brought up the harness being pinched, the harness that’s on the transmission isn’t the original. Since I still have the original I’ll just swap it back in and check continuity as you stated, but in both to make sure. Best believe if this doesn’t work tx10a ftw!
  5. Hey everyone! Replaced my transmission in my QX4 a few weeks ago, Bought it with no reverse for $900 ?. But after the install I noticed my 4wd light stays on. I’ve successfully pulled the codes from the procedure stated in the service manual, codes were 5,10, and 12. In the manual it says 5= transfer motor relay short or open 10=Neutral/4lo switch short or open 12= Line pressure switch short or open can someone please tell me what I should be looking for as far as all switches being “open”. I checked all my wiring and everything is hooked up correctly, trans motor replay and neutral/4lo switch is rechable But i understand the line pressure switch is in the transfer case, is it something I can get to without much work? Honestly if It’s going to take removing the transfer case I had a thought of just using the lever controlled tx10 i got for free and grabbing a center counsel from a pathfinder at my nearest junkyard and be done with the electronics, I’m sure I would be dealing with the 4wd light forever then. please let me know what you guys think, this is my first SUV and I love it and would like to keep it for some years to come.
  6. Thank! Sorry it seems as if I can’t upload from my phone, I will try to get photos uploaded from my computer later
  7. Hello all, I purchased a 2001 QX4 around a month ago and it has the no reverse gear. I planned on doing the trans swap myself( with experience in dropping transmissions in manual vehicles) I bought a replacement Re4 trans but it is from a 04 Xterra with the VG, I have a few questions regarding the swap. The bell housing is obviously different being the donor is from a VG powered vehicle and mines being a VQ. Is this the only thing aside from the wiring harness that needs to be swapped over? From my understanding I can also reuse the torque converter from the donor vehicle. Any comments are welcome, and I thank you in advance
  8. How it going everyone? new to the pathfinder/Qx4 world after just purchasing my 2001 Qx4. It has 257k and has only had 2 other owners. I’ve had it for a month and a half now and have fallen deeply in love with it, my goals with her are to do light to medium off roading, starting with a camping trip in a few months. She does have the no reverse gear but I’ll leave that for another section as Ive read this is a common thing with Re4 transmission. Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself to see if there are any fellow pathy/Qx4 friends close to my area.

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